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Stewartbr Mar 14

Hi just looking for some ideas on the spindle for the large ox cnc I was thinking the 2.2kw should give me plenty of power plus adjustable speed good for tip speed on bits.  Next question is water cooled or air cooled.

any ideas??

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Steve Mar 15

For a 2.2kW spindle I would go water cooled. I use one and it works great. Silent, until it starts to cut!

With a water cooled spindle you will need, pumps, piping, sump or radiator and etc. I use computer cooling fluid instead of water because I did not want the spindle to rust or etc. I also picked up a nice flow meter that has a digital thermometer in it, similar to this:

Just know that a big spindle (i.e., 2.2kW) is heavy. This means when your machine is running there is a lot of momentum with any changes of direction. This can be mitigated by adjusting the acceleration settings and have it slow down and speed up when changing any direction (makes a great sound when running, a little like music!)

Also most 2.2kW spindles need a VFD to drive them. Make sure the VFD is compatible with your controller and software. One of my machines has a Gecko G540, Mach3 and a VFD + 2.2kW Spindle. A good combination that works really well. 

One more thing; buy lots of bits!

I like to cut using small bits (1-2mm) and they break! Usually as a result of human (i.e., me) error - I jog the machine into the work material and snap the bit, or cut/plunge too fast.

Good luck, and let us all know how you go!

Trubbleguy Jul 31
whats the best source for bits, I will probably buy in bulk for the "breaking in" period.

I keep coming across triple bits, seem to cut a lot smoother and a little faster from my endless hours on utube.

Hi Trubbleguy,

What are you cutting and what size bits are you thinking of? Are you carving (2.5D) or cutting out (2D)?

There are a lot of different types of bits (end mill, ballnose, vbits), sizes (size of collet and bits) and flute types (straight, upcut, downcut, compression) and flute number.

I 2D cut perspex PCBs and aluminum and like to cut slowly with end mills. Usually between 0.5 to 5mm in DIA and with 2-4 flutes. With perspex need to get the swarf out quickly so it doesn't overheat and melt. With AL a smoother finish is most important consideration.

I recommend, like you say, buy quite a few as they are easy to break or blunt (especially the 0.5mm or 1mm!!), and do a few test cuts.

Take a look at:

Download Cutter Guide Wallchart

Tool Materials and Geometry


Trubbleguy Aug 22

I will be cutting polyethylene, custom wood and maybe some aluminium... 

I just found a great way to hold down my jobs without clamps:
reusable sticky pads that have a HUGE holding strength.
they even stick to custom wood....
I found them on clearance here in Melbourne at Big W but are available on eBay even cheaper.... when they stop sticking, wash in water with a little rubbing and let dry. sticky as hell again. here is the eBay link.
Gripeez, double sided mounting pads