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Huntly Aug 22 '22

Hi and thanks for sorting out the issue of not being able to join.

I'm looking at getting into CNC routers and so fare have just been learning everything I can about the hobby/business.  I've spent hours reading and watching people in the industry and find your Gear rack system very appealing. I'm looking to be able to expand a unit from 1500x1500 to 1500x3000.  The smaller unit is to learn on with room to expand.

This is a new system so I have quite a few questions.

1. What is the backlash like with the Gear rack system?

2. What is the ware rate for the Gear rack?

3. Why isn't there a set up for the x axis on the Ox - Gear?

4. Can we have a gear rack for the x axis, and whats the cost?

5. Can we have heavier beams for the x axis on the ox gear instead of the light beams, and at what cost?

6. I've looked all over the internet and haven't found any youtube reviews for the new gear rack.  Without independent review I think its a risk.

7. I have looked all over the net for a review of Folinn VFD 1.5kW system.  There are similar units, but non like the one you have.

8. Could you supply a youtuber in the CNC Router channels a unit to review your product asap please.

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