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Hankthegr8 Oct 6 '20
I am preparing my final part list for a CNC router kit and i am looking for a controller that will suit me. I am looking at the BlackBox bundle and the High Torque grbl bundles and was wanting to know which one is better for a WorkBee 1000 x 1500mm machine kit. I want to get the top spec Nema23s as well. 

I look forward to your response!

Hi Hankthegr8 

Both controllers are suitable for a WorkBee 1000 x 1500mm CNC machine kit with High Torque motors. The main differences between the two is that the BlackBox controller is an easy to use, plug and play solution to CNC control. The stepper motor drivers are integrated and the firmware is pre-flashed so little configuration is required. 

The GRBL High Torque uses the CNC shield and external drivers. This controller is recommended for people who are familiar with configuring Arduino micro controllers and are comfortable with the extra wiring and configuring.

All the bundles contain the same accessories; limit switches, cables, power supplies and emergency stop switches. We recommend the Blackbox controller as it is an easy to use, plug and play solution for CNC control. 

Please let me know if you require any further information on these two controllers. I am happy to help!

Kind regards


Maker Store Team

Hankthegr8 Oct 7 '20
Thank you for your detailed reply! I think i will definitely go for the Blackbox controller because i am a beginner. I have had a look at the software and it seems quite easy to use as well!