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Matt Sep 24 '20
Hello, I'm looking to build a CNC machine to mill Aluminium and Brass.

What Spindle should I use a 1.5KW or a 2.2KW? The 2.2KW is more powerful but is it overkill?  
Maker_Store_Support Sep 25 '20
Hi Mat

Both spindles can can cut aluminium, brass and other non ferrous metals. The 2.2kW is recommended for more industrial style machines and would be overkill for smaller non industrial kits. 

The 1.5kW spindle is recommended as it is a very popular spindle that is used in milling aluminium, brass and copper. 

Kind regards


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Stevehaull5 Nov 23 '20
I think MYSWEETY CNC Spindle Motor will work best, It requiring 2.2 KiloWatt power supply. I owned it and it works best for me. You can check complete review of it and others from this article on CNC Router spindle. I got its recommendation from here. You should also read How to Choose the Right Router Spindle section as its quiet well written