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BryanSmith Sep 15
Hi, I am planning to build a CNC Machine 2000x1500MM. I would like to have a high speed machine. That is why I am looking to get a ClearPath made by Tecnik. 

Has anyone used those ClearPath before or have any idea why they are so expensive? 

P.S: I haven't decided if I will use them for my project yet. 


Hi Bryan

The ClearPath motors are precision closed loop servo motors which offer higher torque and feature integrated control systems. For these reasons they are more expensive than regular stepper motors.

 Although these motors can be a drop in replacement for standard stepper motors, they are recommended to be used in specialised applications and require specialised drivers. Milling/cutting at high speeds is not recommended as your tools and some rotary elements of your machine may see rapid wear and tear. 

Our stepper motors are easy to use, configure and are affordable. For a standard CNC setup, the regular stepper motors are more than adequate for the task and therefore recommended over the ClearPath servo motors. 

Kind regards


Maker Store Team

BryanSmith Yesterday, 11:41
Thank you Tawanda, 

Doing that will save me at least 1k USD plus importing fees in motors. Those ClearPath got my attention though. However using that will be the same as using a war cannon to kill an Ant.  

Would you recommend the high torque for a machine of that size? I am using a 1.5kW spindle on it.