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MarkJo Sep 10 '20
Hi, i notice that the WorkBee and Ox have a different Z axis actuator. My Ox has a 2060 profile and the WorkBee is a Cbeam profile. Which Spindle mounting bracket should i go for and how do i mount it onto my Ox? 
Maker_Store_Support Sep 15 '20
Hi Markjo 

The Ox does require a different spindle mounting kit compared to machines like the Lead or WorkBee. We have a spindle mounting kit specific to the Ox or any machine with a Z actuator based on the 2060 profile called the Spindle Mounting Hardware Pack (2060) which you can find here:

We have a tutorial on how to assemble this kit on our wiki linked below:

Please let us know if you have any further questions. 

Kind regards


Maker Store Team