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shootermac Jul 25 '17

I'm looking at making up longer cables for my stepper motors. Can anyone tell me where or the name of this cable header (and if it requires pins too).

Greatly appreciated.

Maker_Store_Team Jul 25 '17

That is a JST-PH 2mm connector (it is noted on the stepper datasheet as "PH-6AWJ").

Also see:

If you are making up your own cable make sure to get a 6 pin female - 2 of the pins are not used. It will require either crimping or soldering of the wires onto the pins and then pushing the pins into the connector. I find them too fiddly to crimp well so I generally use pliers or finger nails to push the tabs over the wire and then solder. This has worked really well for me.

An easier way is to just extend the cable that came with the stepper motor using shielded cable. Make sure to splice the cables well and wrap each wire in heat shrink. 

Another option is to use connectors to lengthen your cable. Take a look at:



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shootermac Aug 3 '17
Thanks for this.

Are you referring to the heavy duty 4 pole?


Maker_Store_Team Aug 3 '17

Depends on your application and environment. The GX12 4 Pin or SD16 4 pin would work too, but they both come with chassis mounts. The Heavy Duty 4 Pole is really popular as it is pretty rugged and we have both male and female connectors, as well as chassis mount, but may be a bit over-kill for NEMA17 steppers.

I would splice the cables  and run to a control box with plug and chassis mount connectors. I like these (nice and easy to use):