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Maker Store stocks 3 main type of nuts: Lock Nut, Hex Nut and Jam Nut.

Below is an image showing the 3 types:

Lock Nut:

Used when you do not want the nut to come loose. These are used with out wheel kits and for most builds. The nylon insert grips the screw thread and resists loosening.

Hex Nut:

Similar to a lock nut but without the nylon insert. For general purpose use where loosening is not a critical concern.

Jam Nut:

Thinner than both the lock and hex nuts. These are supplied with the Anti-Backlash Nutblocks and are used to fasten the grub screw into place. Can be used when a thin nut is required.


Trapezoidal threads are defined as follows by ISO standards:


where Tr designates a trapezoidal thread, 8 is the nominal diameter in millimeters, and 8 is the pitch in millimeters. When there is no suffix it is a single start thread. If there is a suffix then the value after the multiplication sign is the lead and the value in the parentheses is the pitch. For example:


would denoted 4 starts (as the lead divided by the pitch is 4), 8mm diameter, 8mm lead and 2mm pitch.

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