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hi. Well It Arrived , two boxes in perfect condition,  the Vrail box was wrapped/packed Great  for transport to Tasmania. It took 8 days to cross bass straight so i will have to plan ahead if i need any bulky items.

Is anybody else in Tasmania  building or has built a ox router?

cheers pete

Peter Jun 28 '17
FREE SHIPPING Plus 10% off All Orders over $50

At Maker Store We are please to offer FREE SHIPPING and 10% off everything in stock for the 2017 End Of Financial Year.

Just add the coupon code "EOFY2017" to your cart or at checkout for the discount to apply.

Take advantage of the discount to work on your projects or to stock up on parts!

Any questions or etc, please email us at


Note: sale not applicable to special order items or V-Slot over 1500mm in length. Free shipping is within Australia only.

We were recently asked if one of our 300mm Linear Actuator Kits could be retrofitted to the Z-axis of a Shapeoko 2.

This is one solution we came up with (not the only one):

The problem 

The hole spacing on the Z-Assembly Carriage (PS20021) and the Shpeoko's bolt height above the plate.


The Linear Actuator was designed to allow for a length of 2060 V-Slot to fit inside and act as a mounting base. Using the Linear Actuator with the 2060 base, the 3 long slots and some 6.5mm spacers as standoffs the assembly looks like this:

Parts Required:

1 x 300mm Linear Actuator Kit

1 x 280mm 2060 V-Slot

2 x 8mm Low Profile Screws

6 x 15mm Low Profile Screws

6 x Tee Nuts

6 x 6.5mm Spacers

We would love to get feedback and ideas on other mounting methods.

Welcome to Indiana, the newest member of the Maker Store team. So far everyone loves working with him.

Maker_Store_Team May 29 '17 · Tags: maker store, new, team

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Mccarty May 10 '17
We have put together bundles packs for some of more popular items. These are a great way to get all the parts needed without having to over buy on screws and etc.

Currently available are:

- V-Slot 20mm Gantry Bundle

- V-Slot 100mm Gantry Bundle

- V-Slot Gantry Bundle (Standard V-Slot Gantry Plate)

More to come soon!

Check them out at:

We received some Thrust Bearings to test. 

Dimensions are:

OD:  16mm

ID:   8mm

Height:  5mm

They fit into our Plates and Lead Screws perfectly:

They work great and will definitely be a useful addition to our inventory. Keep an eye out for them on the Maker Store web site soon.

Maker_Store_Team Apr 13 '17 · Tags: products, bearing
Some more photos of the Arduino Uno CNC Connector for GRBL:

Arduino Uno CNC Connector PCBs arrived today .. so far they look good. Now to get soldering and testing! 

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