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Like many people, I slowly allowed myself to dismiss LinkedIn and undervalue that free and valuable resource. After a nearly two-year absence, I was happy to log in and find new profile enhancements that showcase ambitious professionals and highlight our expertise in a way that make us look very competent to prospective customers and LinkedIn Proteus employers. It is time to take another look at LinkedIn.

LINKS. My favourite new feature is that the website link that all professional experience listings now offer. Click the link; copy/paste the organization web address into the dialogue boxsee the great image that pops into the visuals box; click continue, then click add to Name and profile!

Your profile will feature eye-catching pictures that lure interested parties to research your affiliated associations and the expertise that you'll contribute.You can also link a photograph, document, presentation, or a video and provide good insight into the organization and your character there.

SPOTLIGHT. Above your profile photo and headline job listing, see the ticker tape of abilities spotlight options which you can click on, fill in and include much more details to showcase your experience, professional activities and accomplishments. I saw questions that pertained to groups and activities I participated in at college; posts I might have lately printed; and work samples or special projects I might increase my profile.

GROUPS. The awards' organizers encouraged me to Proteus Leadership combine the LinkedIn group that is exclusive to judges. I occasionally follow discussions to discover exactly what I can learn and contribute. I recommend that you explore LinkedIn classes, starting with your college alumni group, that is a great resource professionally and personally.

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In Malaysia, enforcement in Rice Grader(LIANGGONG) and determination of rice grading are done as legislated in Padi and Rice Control Act 1994. The criteria used for grading and determining the quality of rice grain is based on its length and whiteness. The content of head rice, length of grain, content of broken rice, and milling degree are the main criteria for grading of rice (BERNAS, 2011). Rice is graded according to eight categories namely, Super Special Tempatan 5, Super Special Tempatan 10, Super(Local), Premium, Standard, Rebus, Pulut and Hancur. The grading is based on 11 characteristics or grading factors. BERNAS is not only responsible for local rice but also imported rice. Mustafa in his interview, says imported rice is from Thai, Vietnam, Pakistan, Myanmar, USA, Australia, Japan and India. In Malaysia, the fragrant rice, Basmati, parboiled and glutinous rice is a part of imported rice.

Main factors used in the current rice grader method by BERNAS are based on the grain composition, milling quality, defectives and moisture. The purpose of grain composition analysis is to determine the percentage of kernel, head rice, big broken, small broken and brewer or chip. Milling quality consists of the whiteness, translucency and the milling degree.The main factors are defectives in rice such as chalk, damage, color, immature, foreign matter, other seed, paddy etc. While the moisture in the rice grain is to determine the amount of water contained in the rice grain . Methodology To identify the determinants for rice grader in this study involved combination of systematic literature review, content analysis and series of interview with domain experts from BERNAS.

Underlying theories and existing rice grader methods and features used from literature were thoroughly reviewed to identify the determinants used previously. Through systematic literature review, eleven works were identified and thoroughly studied. Comparison has been done mainly about the method and features or characteristic of rice that have been used for grading purposes. Determinants are also acquired from series of interview involving domain experts from BERNAS and content analysis of the Padi and Rice Control Act 1994, the main act used for rice production industry. Main objective was to understand the current implementation of rice grader works in Malaysia. Interview was conducted with the quality management division in Jitra and the rice production division in Kompleks Beras BERNAS (KBB) Sungai Baru, Alor Star. Based on the information obtained, determinants which currently used for rice grader were compared with determinants identified from literature.

Click Rice Huller to learn about more information.

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Had a LoLin with an OLED display and thought I would turn it into a Bitcoin ticker.

This is basically a board with both an ESP32 and an OLED display. Based on the WeMos form factor, these are a simple solution for wireless data logging and display.

It is programmable using the Arduino IDE so development is really easy.

For the Bitcoin Ticker code see our Github page:


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hi. Well It Arrived , two boxes in perfect condition,  the Vrail box was wrapped/packed Great  for transport to Tasmania. It took 8 days to cross bass straight so i will have to plan ahead if i need any bulky items.

Is anybody else in Tasmania  building or has built a ox router?

cheers pete

Peter Jun 28 '17
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At Maker Store We are please to offer FREE SHIPPING and 10% off everything in stock for the 2017 End Of Financial Year.

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Note: sale not applicable to special order items or V-Slot over 1500mm in length. Free shipping is within Australia only.

We were recently asked if one of our 300mm Linear Actuator Kits could be retrofitted to the Z-axis of a Shapeoko 2.

This is one solution we came up with (not the only one):

The problem 

The hole spacing on the Z-Assembly Carriage (PS20021) and the Shpeoko's bolt height above the plate.


The Linear Actuator was designed to allow for a length of 2060 V-Slot to fit inside and act as a mounting base. Using the Linear Actuator with the 2060 base, the 3 long slots and some 6.5mm spacers as standoffs the assembly looks like this:

Parts Required:

1 x 300mm Linear Actuator Kit

1 x 280mm 2060 V-Slot

2 x 8mm Low Profile Screws

6 x 15mm Low Profile Screws

6 x Tee Nuts

6 x 6.5mm Spacers

We would love to get feedback and ideas on other mounting methods.

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