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A A CNC Router or CNC Milling machine is a great addition to any workshop. Whether in a home workshop for hobby use, or a business workshop for commercial use, Maker Store offers a CNC machine for every application. Deciding what components are needed to achieve your ‘first cut’ can be difficult and with the large number of choices available on the market it can be quite daunting selecting the options for your build.

Read through Maker Store's guide designed to assist in deciding on the different options when buying your next CNC Machine.

Let's take a closer look together.

Brains Board: 

This board contains the "Brains" being the ATmega328p 8 bit Microcontroller pe-flashed running GRBL V1.1. The USB Interface and Auxiliary Serial Input helps makes the BlackBox so "Plug and Play".

Muscle Board: 

This board has the 3.2A Stepper Drivers (Max rating 4A) built into the board. The power switch and main head sink is attached to the Muscle Board.


Maker Store Australia:

Maker Store USA:

BlackBox CNC Motion Control System is back in stock and on Sale!
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Recently we have had many inquiries about the differences in our Belt Actuators. Bellow is a list of information regarding both the Belt and Pinion Actuator and the Belt and Pulley Actuator, each is great depending on your individual project needs.

Belt and Pinion Actuatorhas the motor mounted on the gantry plate and a single length of timing belt fixed at each end:

-        Less parts are required when compared to the Belt and Pulley.

-        There is more accuracy with a fixed belt rather than a looped belt.

-        The motor is mounted directly on the gantry.

-        There are fewer moving parts which results in less maintenance.

-        Works with all profiles of our V-Slot Extrusion.

Belt and Pulley Actuatorhas the motor mounted at one end and an idler pulley at the other. A timing belt is looped around both and fixed to the gantry plate:

-        Has a lighter Gantry which allows for more to be mounted onto the gantry.

-        Convenient for wiring as motor is mounted at one end, not on the gantry.

-        No cable drag chains needed.

-        It suits 2040, however, it can work with a 2060 and 2080 V-Slot Extrusion.


-        Are more economical than Lead Screw driven actuators.

-        Allow for different pulley sizes.

-        Have a wide variety of mounting options available.

-        The lengths of the Belt actuators can be customised to longer lengths.

-        Have faster operations than Lead Screw.

-        Have Precision tolerance of approx. 0.1mm.

The Lead CNC Machine Assembly Manual is now ready and available for download:


Friday Nov 23rd

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V-Slot Linear Rail


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Belt Pulleys



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